Our purpose is to help you cut through the clutter and confusion and give you practical, actionable strategies for taking your business to the next level. We know there are a lot of “experts” who teach business strategies they’ve never used themselves, or teach “theory” that may sound good in a seminar room, but don’t work in the real world.

All our strategies are based on “what’s working now” in marketing and business today, and are transferable from industry to industry. That way, you can implement them with confidence--knowing you’re on the right track towards taking your business to the next level.

oli’s story

Oliver Billson always had the entrepreneurial “gene” in his family. His father is a successful entrepreneur and Oli chose to follow in his Dad’s footsteps at the age of 15.

Things didn’t work out very smoothly for Oli at the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey. He commited many “false starts” that cripple beginner business owners. He also got ripped off by many gurus who told him they had the strategy or “gimmick” that was going to make him successful in business.

Thankfully, Oli grew out of these growing pains and has built a portfolio of 4 multi-million dollar businesses. He has helped 200+ online and brick and mortar businesses grow to 6-7-8 figures by implementing his strategies. Plus clients pay him up to $22,995/month to run their marketing, and up to $25,000 for a single consulting session.

He also has a Mastermind group where clients pay him up to $15,000 for his best-kept secrets. In fact, he helped marketing guru Dan Kennedy boost the revenue of his business by 2.2 million dollars in the 16 months Oli worked with him!

Oli realized he can only help so many people via his highly-sought after agency, events and masterminds. That’s why he created Next Level Business--so everyone can have access to his cutting edge, conversion-led, money making sales and marketing strategies.

Plus Oli wants to give back. He’s built 4 successful multi-million dollar business and credits the mentors, experts, and teachers who blazed the path before him.

Now he hopes he can be the catalyst that allows more small business owners and entrepreneurs to experience their own successes--whether it’s a stay at home Mom looking to make some extra income in her spare time, or a savvy entrepreneur who wants to build a $100+ million dollar empire!


Next Level Business employs 24 people from all over the world and is headquartered in three offices worldwide (Staffordshire and London in the U.K. and San Diego). We also hold events all over the world to help business owners get the tools they need to break through to the next level.

Our philosophy and our core values are very important to us, and by following them, we know we‘re leading ourselves, our clients and the marketplace in the right direction…
Don‘t Fear
Taking Action

Nobody gets anywhere if they’re not willing to implement their ideas. That’s why we’re committed to thoughtful action and taking a decisive lead, both with our clients and setting an example in the general marketplace.

Always Maintain
Honesty and Integrity

We’re straight talkers here at OB, if something’s just not working, we’re not going to beat around the bush. We have confidence in what we do and believe in taking responsibility with integrity and honesty at all times.

Chase Results and Ignore
Everything Else

Being a results-driven service, we let the figures speak for themselves. If something looks pretty, but fails to convert we change and test again. Tracking and recording are essential in our strategy and we like to set goals and hold ourselves accountable for them.

Work With

We’re all determined in our work, and we believe that this passion and enthusiasm drives us to get the results we do. However we also all enjoy what we do and make time to have fun celebrating our success.

is Key

We see ourselves as partners in your business, and that means working closely with your team to build a lasting relationship. Problems are always better solved when working together and moving forward is much easier when we’re all traveling in the same direction.

An Open and Enquiring Mind Leads to Innovation

We believe in taking decisive and pioneering action in our industry through innovative ideas. We’re advocates for self-education and our team are constant students, committed to discovering new ways to help our clients.

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