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Want to know what people really think about NextLevelBusiness?

We’ve put together some words from past clients, and other super-smart entrepreneurs, who were kind enough to write down their experiences and thoughts about our services.

“Oli Billson's NextLevelBusiness is hands down one of the best investments I have ever made in my business. Oli and his team are incredibly transparent and provide an insane amount of value. If you are looking for next level ideas around sales funnels and strategy and you want to learn from the best, Oli is it.”

Michael King

Founder of LASIK Marketing Agency

“Oli’ is one of them very few people that I, as a marketer, look to for serious high-level marketing input and expertise. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk and he’s one of the leading marketing minds in the world, today. If you find yourself in a position to work with NextLevelBusiness, could yourself fortunate and say yes!”

Oli Luke

Scribble Mail

“Oli Billson and NextLevelBusiness is the real deal. He’s mastered the art and science of generating traffic, leads, and sales online. He has grown his own companies beyond 7 figures in revenue. And he know how to break it all down and make the complex simple so you and your team can understand it all....and he happens to be a pretty damn nice guy too.”

Adam Killam

Co-founder of Civilian Strong

"Oli is the real deal. He is as generous as he is wise in the ways of growing businesses that scale and you can see him leading from the front in the way he gives back to the entrepreneur company via his keynotes and breakout sessions, affordable workshops, free webinars and interviews, and contributions in countless online groups. If you need a role model for how to conduct yourself as you grow, look no further than Oli."

Wes Schaeffer

The Sales Whisperer

“I’ve seen and consumed a ton of business-building courses. But I’ve never seen one as comprehensive as NextLevel Business. The content Oli and team have created is pure gold and well worth over $50K. Seriously. If implemented with consistent discipline this content will help a mid six-figure business to more than quadruple. And a seven-figure business to more than triple. If you haven’t purchased NLB yet, you’re missing out. And I predict in a year from now you’re business will be in the same place it is today.”

Jeff Mask


“What I love about Oli is he's an innovator who also places high values on fundamentals. He's not a shiny object chaser, he's methodical, astute and extremely thought out in every aspect of his business, and he is fantastic at breaking every step down so anyone can implement his systems and strategies at any level. I'm extremely thankful to have met Oli, and incredibly grateful for the time he spent sharing actionable strategies with me, which have already helped me grow my business!”

Erica Martin

CEO at Erica Martin Consulting

“Oli is a genius! Every time I work on a project using the next level strategies I make money. It may sound crazy, but Oli has the ability to see right through marketing challenges and come up with the solution that work.”

Shaun Buck

CEO of The Newsletter Pro

"Oli is an absolute pleasure to work with and a superstar in the industry. All of the strategies he teaches are backed up by actual work and success with them. He is an engaging and super knowledgeable instructor!"

Jenna Snavely

Digital Marketer

“Oli is a master at over delivering. He cuts through what doesn’t work and delivers results fast!”

Justin Lofton


"I judge expert status by results, and OB Marketing simply gets results. If you find yourself being fortunate enough to work with them in any capacity, count yourself fortunate and say yes."

Ryan Chapman

Founder of

"When it comes to marketing systems that really get results, I don’t think anyone could be a more valuable partner than OB Marketing. I know a whole bunch of marketers, and Oli and his team are as smart as they come."

Dave Lee

CEO of PlusThis

"Oli and his team are simply some of the smartest marketers I know. They have a deep understanding of how to use sophisticated strategies and cutting edge tech to create high converting sales funnels. Every time I talk to them I learn something that I can use to make something I’m doing work better than it already is, so I seek out every chance I can to spend time with them, and suggest you do too."

Darcy Juarez

Director of Marketing, GKIC

"Oli Billson is truly one of the smartest guys I know. Having met Oli four years ago, I now seek out every chance I get to connect with him, because the insights I glean are worth tens of thousands from even the shortest conversation."

Mike Stodola

Co-Founder Of Powerful Professionals

"Oli Billson is my “go-to” guy when I need help with my business. I mastermind with Oli regularly and I always come away with ideas and insights I would have never come up with on my own. Most importantly, he’s a man of integrity. "

Dave Dee

Founder and CEO of Dave Dee, Inc.

"When I don’t know the answer to something, or I’m unsure on the best thing to do, I pick up my phone and call Oli. I know I’m not the only marketer who turns to Oli and his team when we need to. If there’s a smarter marketer out there, I haven’t found him yet."

Nick James

Founder of Seriously Fun Business

"Over the last 12 years I’ve built a global 8-figure coaching business. And when it comes to marketing and customer acquisition strategies and systems that work at scale... there are very few people I consult with and trust for ‘next level’ business building advice. Oli is on my very ‘shortlist’ of trusted experts and advisors. He’s incredibly talented, sharp, and honest in what he has to share... and what he shares delivers serious results! If you want to start, grow, and scale a service business then I fully endorse investing in the programs and courses Oli and his team have to offer. You won’t be disappointed!"

Sean Greeley

CEO of Net Profit Explosion

"Ok here is the real one. Oli Billson is one of the smartest marketing strategist I have ever worked with. He gets it and understands what it takes to drive your marketing to the next level His mind is a pleasure to watch work his recommendations are spot on and he and his team work tirelessly for your success. Secondly, One of my greatest accomplishments was bringing him to the then GKIC Stage to present and have him contribute to our newsletter. I would recommend him to anyone and listen to what he says and implement his recommendations. And he is British so he sounds really smart all the time too."

Nick Loise

President of GKIC, NO B.S. Inner Circle

"I’ve known Oli for several years as I’ve built my own successful software business but in that same time period that I was only growing 1 business, he’s continued to scale multiple businesses, speak internationally, coach entrepreneurs and be a guide to businesses all over the world. There are many people who claim success that you could learn from, but Oli is so legitimate, and so far above what you’ll normally get, that his advice is pure gold. If you get a chance to meet him, learn from him or buy any of his training, you better jump on it because it’s the real deal and everything else will just waste your time & energy."

Micah Mitchell


"I’ve had the privilege of knowing Oli for two years, but have know of him for a lot longer than that. His brain is a Direct Response Marketing encyclopaedia (if you’re younger than 20 that’s a big book full of lots of interesting stuff).
But far more important than his knowledge is his ability to execute: at amazing speed, with incredible detail & just make shit work.
Annoyingly he’s also a bloody nice bloke & always better dressed than me.
If you get the chance to work with Oli or his team, grab it with both hands & think yourself lucky that you get the opportunity. He’s a gem."

Mike Rhodes


"Oli Billson and his team are one of the few organizations I can confidently recommend to help businesses I work with scale. Unfortunately in today’s digital world, most people either lack the brilliance of strategy and planning, or the skills to execute an implementation. Neither are lacking with Oli and team. A true rare combination. He helps scale your marketing practices well beyond what most agencies could, and during the process gives you transparency, insight, and voice while doing it. His expertise has been earned through years of being a practitioner and contributor to thousands of businesses."

Mychal Edelman


"Oli Billson is one of the great leaders in automation and entrepreneurship. If you are an entrepreneur or a business leader and want to scale your business, working with Oli is one of the best decisions you will ever make! He is a genius at automation and business strategy but more importantly he is an outstanding person! Working with Oli will take your business to the next level! Guaranteed!"

Chad Kerby


“I spent time with Oli at a rather large and prestigious event where all the speakers were well known multi 7 figure business owners. I with 32 presenters, I was shocked to hear how nearly every one credited a call with Oli, or consulting they had received from Oli which attributed to their most recent success. I was honored and surprised by how freely Oli spoke to me, shared some of his best advice and was so willing to help. What I love about Oli is he’s an innovator who also places high values on fundamentals. He’s not a shiny object chaser, he’s methodical, astute and extremely thought out in every aspect of his business, and he is fantastic at breaking every step down so anyone can implement his systems and strategies at any level. I’m extremely thankful to have met Oli, and incredibly grateful for the time he spent sharing actionable strategies with me, which have already helped me grow my business!”

Erica Martin

CEO at Erica Martin Consulting

“Oli’s brilliance knows no bounds. The truth is, 100% of the conversations I’ve had with him, I’ve come away with so much more clarity and strategy around the next steps I need to take to keep excelling in my business. He has a unique way of distilling down what results business owners really want, and creating a spot on process for getting there. He’s the mentor and educator every person in business needs, but can’t usually find. Plus, he has impeccable fashion sense.”

Lindsay Marder

Digital Marketer

“Oli Billson is above all else an intensely smart businessman and a powerful strategic thinker. I’m continually amazed at how he can so quickly conceptualize innovative strategies and tactics to help customers grow their business while discovering innovative ways to draw more revenue and potential out of business systems they current operate. Oli doesn’t just teach and theorize, he’s one of the few marketers who actually does this stuff. I’ve never met anyone else like him who can integrate cutting edge, conversion-led, money making sales and marketing funnels into customers businesses like he can. Not only that... but he’s a pretty good bloke too.”

Ralph Burns

Tier 11

“I once met a billionaire businessman and was fortunate to have a two hour one-on-one discussion with him. One of the questions I asked was how do you decide who you do business with? He told me he looks first for character, then for competence. Competence without character never works out, he said.
When I first met Oli, what struck me about him was his character. I could immediately tell he was a man of character. He does what he says. Then as I worked with him and his team more, I realized they were also marketing and business experts. If you find yourself being fortunate enough to work with them in any capacity, count yourself lucky and say yes.”

Ryan Chapman

Founder of FixYourFunnel

“I only see Oli a few times a year, usually at some big marketing event in the US, but every time I do see him, he cashes in a whole bunch of drinks IOUs that he’s accrued for advice and ideas that he’s given me since the last time I saw him. Although paying for marketing consultancy with drinks tokens is an unproven method, the advice Oli gives me is nothing of the sort - dollar for dollar it’s some of the most valuable advice I receive. If you’re in the UK, you should look him and his team up and work with them. I don’t think they’ll let too many people in on our little drinks tokens arrangement though…”

Brittany Lynch

CEO at Lynchpin Media Former Account Strategist Google

“Oli really opened my eyes to a powerful way of using Facebook to generate leads and sales. Whether you’re looking for an amazing podcast guest, a speaker at your next event, or someone to help you with your customer acquisition plans, Oli is your man.”

Michael Stelzner

CEO and Founder Social Media Examiner

“Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. It’s those unseen gaps that keep you from growing. Oli helped us to not only see our blind spots, he immediately helped us put a strategy in place to plug the leaks, improve our system, and build momentum so we hit the revenue goals we deserve.”

Chris “Mercer” Mercer


"Setting up funnels and websites is really important but not important for me to do. So I wanted to find someone to do it for me. And I’m a little embarrassed to admit but I went to the cheaper route at first… And it was a disaster. It cost me more time, more money, more effort. And then I ran across Oli Billson. Now, I had never heard of Oli before, but I’d heard a lot of great things about him. After talking to him, I gave him a little project to try. Just to test him out. And I got to tell you they knocked it out of the park. Not on was it done professionally and quickly, it got results. I’m talking about money in the bank. Their communication outstanding. There’s no one else I would trust me website to, my funnels to, other than the Oliver Billson and his team. "

Dave Dee

Founder and CEO of Dave Dee, Inc.

"When I think of supersmart direct response marketing services that I know, Oli Billson is the first name that springs to mind. I had a conversation with him recently that had me jotting down copious notes, and implementing a ton of the strategies that he shared with me. As a result, I’ve taken my marketing in a different direction which is proving extremely successful. "

Steve Perry

Director of Pixal Marketing Limited (ProPages)

"Oliver Billson and his team have provided us with immense value at both an implementation and strategic/mentoring level. Their initial JAM session was invaluable in pointing out systematic ways in which our business could be improved - something I had not expected. This really helped us take a step back and examine our business from a high-level perspective, and prioritise some strategic changes we otherwise would not have made. As time has moved on, the value from effective marketing implementation has now started to kick-in, and we have been able to implement campaigns with a level of sophistication that would be impossible otherwise. The ongoing relationship we have with them means that our marketing campaigns no longer stand-still, but are constantly moving forward. Overall, I am very happy with what we have achieved so far."

Jason Williams

Director of Eudelo, London

"Oli Billson and his team have been the drivers of some of our most profitable campaigns we’ve actioned in the last few years. Myself and my business partner, Daniel Wagner, have complete confidence in the innovative ideas they put forward and have never been disappointed with what they have implemented. They really do work as trusted partners in our business, understanding what our goals are, helping us plan for the future and celebrating our success with us. Nothing is ever too much, and I always know they are at the end of the phone or one the other side of a Skype call if I have any questions.
I’ve worked with a lot of good marketers throughout my years in business, but Oli and his team are truly first-rate and I’d recommend that any business owner who’s serious about their marketing, needs to talk to them. It’s probably going to end up being one of the best moves they make in their business!"

James Watson

Co-Founder of Expert Success & Seller Success

"I’ve been fortunate enough to have a lot of exposure to top-level marketers, I was in Bill Glazer’s mastermind for a while and I’ve been in Dan Kennedy’s Titanium group for the last few years. I can wholeheartedly tell you that getting around a table with Oli is one of the smartest ways you can invest your time or money. If you want to grow your business, or discover time-tested marketing strategies that are proven to work, or want to make more money in less time by using smart systems to automate what you’re doing, then I’d strongly encourage you to join NextLevelBusiness, they’ve got hugely valuable knowledge and skills.”

Nick Karadza

Co-Founder of Rock Star Real Estate

"I’ve been lucky enough to sit around a mastermind table with Oli Billson, and I’ve got to tell you that I’ve never met anyone who knows quite as passionate and full-on about doing what it takes to get customers and grow a business. Our group learned a huge amount from Oli, in just a few short hours, which is testament to his huge depth and breadth of knowledge on all things marketing.”

Alexis Kingsbury

Co-Founder of Spidergap Marking Greatness

"Oli is one of the smartest marketers I’ve ever met… the best part is that he’s humble and funny, too. Oli was born to be a marketer and business owner and it shows. He thinks outside the box and develops strategies years ahead of their time. Work with Oli, listen to Oli, trust Oli, you won’t regret it!”

Molly Pitman

Digital Marketer

"Hiring Oliver Billson Marketing was a blessing. We’ve been working together for almost a year now, during which we’ve more than doubled my list, increased my business’ growth and I’ve had lots of vacation time!
If you want to have a business that grows, that has a lot of automation and lead generation, but you don’t want to hire employees to do this, I would look at Oli Billson and NextLevelBusiness.”

Dr. Stephen Phelan

Cosmetic Dentist

"Oliver Billson and the team have been essential to my business on a number of different levels. From strategic direction, to creating and implementing successful campaigns, they provide a complete marketing service, and take ownership for their results. One of their recent campaigns for my business made £72K in just two weeks! If you’re looking for real results that will completely transform your business, you should seriously consider NextLevelBusiness!”

Chris Matthews

Founder & Chief Executive of Silverlink Clinics

"I met Oli many years ago, and when I don’t know the answer to something, or I’m unsure on the best thing to do, I pick up my phone and call Oli. I cross my fingers tight and hope that he takes my call (he’s so damn busy he often can’t!) because I know he’ll know the solution to my problem. I know I’m not the only marketer who turns to Oli and his team when we need to. If there’s a smarter marketing service out there, I haven’t found them yet."

Nick James

Founder & CEO at Seriously Fun Business

I am so GRATEFUL for Oli Billson! He’s one of the few people I trust when I want to learn what’s working now when it comes to online marketing, the best software to use to implement my marketing campaigns, AND the split test tricks to bump my sales conversions that I haven’t thought of. There’s many people to learn from and call on in this business, BUT he’s one of my top picks! Not only is he super smart, he is genuine, generous, and has a BIG heart to help people create success! I always know he’s giving me his best and has my back to help me get more of what I want in life. If you have the chance to learn from Oli, just say “YES!“

Mara Glazer

CEO of Flipping Success LLC

If you’re a business who’s looking to grow, automate and scale, then I can tell you with confidence you’re in good hands with Oli Billson and the Next Level Business programs. Like me, Oli knows how hard it is to start a business from scratch and grow it to a million dollars or more. So it’s quite remarkable he’s done it 4 times with 4 separate businesses! Not only does Oli have priceless insights and strategies, he’s also one of the “good guys” who actually cares about helping others grow their businesses. That’s why I wholeheartedly recommend Oli Billson and This is where you want to be if you’re tied to your business and are struggling to get to seven figures and beyond. He has been a huge asset to Infusionsoft and our clients, and I know he’ll help you achieve the vision you have for your business.

Clate Mask


Do as Oli says. Not only have I experienced his brilliance first hand many times with huge lifts in conversions, I also recommend everybody I know to Oli and they rave about him to me. NLB is 8 weeks of pure genius from Oli. All you need to do is implement to see the returns. Seriously, track your before and after and you’ll see your business grow to a whole new level in 8 weeks.

Tom Breeze


When it comes to internet and digital marketing, Oliver and his team are experts in creating and delivering strategies that get results.

Peter Sage

Founder of Sage Academy

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