NextLevel Scale™
What is it?

NextLevel Scale™ is a place to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and discover critical insights that’ll help you grow your business much faster. That’s because great things happen when you put smart people together. Rather than have to figure everything out on your own, you’re given the opportunity to learn from other people who are in similar positions, with similar experiences, and who are going in the same direction.

Who is it for?

You must have a business that's making money. You must be earning mid to high six figures in revenue per year to be considered for NextLevel Scale™.

You must have integrity. We're not interested in doing whatever it takes to make a buck. You must be running a business that uses honest practices and is good to it's customers and employees.

You must be a go-getter. You believe in hard work and know business success doesn't consist of watching endless hours of television

How does it work?

NextLevel Scale™ is an all immersive program that consists of 3-in-person Masterminds throughout the year.

You'll also get access to weekly Q&A calls from Oli so you can get your questions answered and support from me when you need it.

You'll also get access to the NextLevel Scale™ community which provides a safe place to celebrate wins and get advice, and avoid expensive mistakes.

Why does it exist?

To discover business breakthroughs that’ll help you move forward faster. You’ll benefit from my 15+ years of business experience and the collective experience of the group.

Get accountability so your performance will naturally improve. People’s performance always radically increases when they’re held accountable.

NextLevel Scale™ will give you a community you can lean on to celebrate wins and get support when challenges come up.

Here's what people are saying...

This is the formula for business owners who want to optimize resources so their business grows without their involvement

You can grow a successful 7-figure business AND have time for family

NAME: Robyn Beazley

LEVEL: NextLevel Scale™

BUSINESS: Beazley Auctioneers

LOCATION: Dallas, Texas


Robyn Beazley and her husband John own an auction company that specializes in heavy equipment. They took action on a Facebook ad and came to NextLevelBusiness LIVE in Austin, Texas. 

I’m seeing the changes and I’m really excited

NAME: Sachin Jhangiani

LEVEL: NextLevel Scale™

BUSINESS: Limitless Trader

LOCATION: Dallas, Texas 


“I was just getting pulled in so many different directions. There’s building the content, there’s building the business and taking care of your people in your community, and then there’s sales, marketing, there’s Facebook, there’s YouTube, there’s content, there was so much stuff. And I was really getting pulled in so many directions that I had all these things on my plate, and I was overwhelmed.”

Banish “shiny object syndrome” forever

NAME: Randy Lewis

LEVEL: NextLevel Scale™

BUSINESS: 10X Homes 

LOCATION: Marathon, Florida


Randy is a real estate broker whose business was running pretty well. The problem was he was working long hours, including nights and weekends. He was also tempted by a lot of “shiny objects” coming at him, so he didn’t know what to focus on to get to the Next Level. But joining NextLevelBusiness has allowed Randy to hone his focus.