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A 2-Day Mastermind Experience to Upgrade Your Capabilities & Scale Your Business

Sell Your Knowledge • Leverage Your Time • Help Others Get Results


Harness the power of a true Mastermind

You know what the next level looks like. You’re sure you could get there, if only you could . . .

Set aside time to concentrate on what you *should* focus on to scale your business.

Join Oli Billson for a unique Virtual Mastermind experience.

With the NextLevel Scale™ 3-Day Mastermind, you can upgrade your business by gaining clarity, confidence and capabilities to achieve profitable growth.

This is a fast solution for busy 6, 7 and 8 figure Entrepreneurs who want to surpass their goals in less time.

If you're serious about having more freedom, profits and prosperity this may well be the most important event you'll ever attend.

Are you ready to experience profitable double digit growth?

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Are You Struggling To Scale?

  • I'm fighting declining conversion rates and increased advertising costs
  • The tactics I've used over the past few years have declined or stopped working
  • I'm not consistently leveraging the relationship I have with my leads and prospects
  • I'm far to reliant on one channel of paid media to get the results I need
  • Every time we 'scale up' something seems to break or give way.
  • Our lead-to-buyer time is longer than we need it to be
  • I feel unfocussed and distracted when it comes to getting the important things done
  • I'm overwhelmed with all the different things I could do to grow my business right now
  • I'm spread too thin and trying to do everything myself
  • I'm making money but not keeping it
  • My revenue feels unpredictable, resulting in feast or famine
  • Leaping vs ladder climbing (I'm still ladder climbing)
  • I'm fighting to shed & transcend my limiting beliefs

"Oli Billson is one of the smartest marketers in the world right now."

Ryan Deiss
Co-founder of Digital Marketer

Who should attend the Mastermind?

The future you want is within your reach and in just a few days you'll be able to close the gap between reality and your dreams. 

Better still, you won't be alone…

You'll be joined by other 6 and 7 figure businesses who take growing their business seriously. 

The mastermind is perfect for…

  • Service providers
  • Agencies
  • Consultants
  • Information marketers
  • Client based businesses
  • Coaches & Trainers
  • Service providers
  • Agencies
  • Consultants
  • Information marketers
  • Client based businesses
  • Coaches & Trainers

...And anyone who wants to leverage and monetise their existing knowledge, skills and know-how to grow their business.

Excellence will be the new standard, systemize everything, strive for 8-figures and become #1

You CAN scale with speed and sustainability.

Here's just some of what you'll take away with you. 

  • How to go from 'click to client' faster and with more profit using the Phone Funnel Framework™
  • The very latest Facebook advertising strategies to convert stone-cold traffic into pre-sold, high qualified sales appointments who are ready to buy
  • How to navigate the cashflow tranche with tactics to cut your lead-to-buyer time in half
  • Implementation of the Content Flywheel™ so you can monetize your email list and increase your organic marketing efforts
  • The exact steps to design, structure and operate a 'world-class' online leverage program in your niche that delivers amazing experiences for your students and clients
  • How to enrol more clients over the phone with less buyer resistance and by killing objections
  • Learn how to harness the power of online-to-offline marketing to convert more clients using the Hyper Crush Method™
  • Weigh your value actions, embrace the 4p's of productivity — Promotion, Production, Provision & Pedestrian
  • Uncover hidden pots of cash that are hiding in your business and find the holes that are costing you time and money
  • ​Get clear on where you want to take your business and unearth obstacles and bottlenecks that stand in your way
  • Experience new energy and enthusiasm for what’s possible in your business — starting right now!

PLUS much more, it doesn't stop there…

This is a true Mastermind experience.

Expect to get answers to any current challenges, fears, frustrations or roadblocks that are standing in your way.

Are you ready to gain clarity, confidence & capabilities that will scale your business to the NextLevel?

Here's how it works

3 small steps that add up to one quantum leap...

Here's how it works

3 small steps that add up to one quantum leap...

Step 1

Attend The NextLevel Scale™ 2-Day Mastermind

Set aside two days to join us in London and work on your business instead of in it.

Step 2

Learn the NextLevel Methodology™

Combine the power of clear goals, smart productivity, and a revolutionary framework for scaling FAST.

Step 3

Achieve more while
doing less

Create your plan to make more, keep more, in less time with strategies and tactics that are working now!

The future you want is within your reach.

What to Expect at the 3-Day Intensive

We’ll help you take the guesswork out of taking your expertise, knowledge and know-how to the next level and give you the capabilities to grow a hyper profitable business by helping others.

What else is in it for you?


  • Brand new teaching and content from Oli Billson not released previously
  • Real time examples of what's working now
  • Early access to the future
  • Network and connect with likeminded 6, 7 and 8 Figure Entrepreneurs
  • Systems, tools and resources to scale your business

NextLevel Scale™ Mastermind is proven to drive results for ambitious growth minded entrepreneurs


"Since I've joined, every time I'm on a call, any time I come to an event, it just solidifies that Oli is the real deal. I'm no longer jumping around thing to thing. I have one straight line that I follow, and the results that I've had in six months of being in the programme have dwarfed what I did the six years before that, so that's fantastic."

Ryan Carter
Elliot Roe

"He wants you to make a difference in your life, and the difference in your business, and he's not going to sugarcoat it. He wants you to do it ... to take action. He wants you to take massive action right now, and the top talent that's he's surrounded himself with on his team is who I wanted to be around."

Robyn Beazely
Beazley Auctioneers

“Oli Billson’s NextLevel Scale™ program is hands down one of the best investments I have ever made in my business. Oli and his team are incredibly transparent and provide an insane amount of value. If you’re looking for next level ideas around sales funnels and strategy and you want to learn from the best, Oli is it.”

Michael King
Lasik Marketing Agency

What makes this Mastermind experience so different?

This isn’t just a place where you can hit your stride.

It’s a place where you can find your people — people that want to grow their business, while not letting the business overtake their live

At NextLevelScale®, you’re just as likely to get that one piece of advice that changes everything from the person sitting next to you as you are to get it from the coaching intensives.

And advice that changes everything is exactly what NextLevelScale® members receive quarter after quarter after quarter.

What other industry leaders say...

"I wholeheartedly recommend NextLevelBusiness and Oli Billson. This is where you want to be if you’re tied to your business and are struggling to get to seven figures and beyond."
Clate Mask
Co-Founder of Keap
“Oli really opened my eyes to a powerful and new way of using Facebook to generate leads and sales. If you need help with your customer acquisition plans, Oli is your man.”
Michael Stelzsner
CEO & Founder Social Media Examiner
“Oli Billson is one of the smartest marketing strategist I have ever worked with. He gets it, and understands what it takes to drive your marketing to the next level"
Nick Loise
President of GKIC

Most attendees don’t realize they’ve been stuck for years. At the NextLevel Scale™ Mastermind, you'll get your business aligned and moving in the right direction again.


Your investment to leverage and scale

The 3-Day Mastermind is an exclusive, intimate event for successful, growth-minded Entrepreneurs. Due to the nature of having a true Mastermind experience, we have limited spaces available which are sure to be taken fast. Secure your seat before they are gone.

What’s My Investment?


General Registration
£ 1,997 +VAT, PER PERSON
  • Personal 'Hot Seat'
  • Workbook


VIP Registration
£ 2,497 +VAT, PER PERSON

Want to bring your team?
Schedule a call today for group rates.

How to join the Mastermind

Meet your mentor: Oli Billson

Oli Billson has started, grown and scaled five separate 7-figure businesses of his own as well helping his clients generate millions of dollars online through his education, training and mentorship programs.

Oli’s superpower lies in helping business owners take their existing knowledge, skills and know-how and packaging them up into a hyper profitable, highly leveraged information and education business. Oli is the Founder & CEO of NextLevelBusiness.com, which allows you to make the transformation as a “normal” business to a “NextlevelBusiness” that achieves fast-growth with more freedom, profits and prosperity year after year.

Where you've seen Oli…


Dates and Location

Jun. 12-14, 2020

Mastermind Highlights

Be in the room for our next 3-Day Virtual Mastermind

Mastermind Highlights

Be in the room for our next 3-Day Virtual Mastermind

Mastermind Highlights

Be in the room for our next 3-Day Virtual Mastermind

Event Schedule


Your registration covers access for 3-days to be in the room with Oli Billson and your fellow Mastermind members along with a workbook of materials discussed at the event.

We allow a business partner or spouse to attend with you for free. If you have any team members who you bringing, they will require a ticket purchase which is we offer at a 50% discount of your primary registration fee.

Due to the limited number of seats for this event, no refunds will be offered.

You don't need to be an existing member of the Mastermind to attend. If you wish to make an application to join NextLevel Scale™ and are accepted, your registration will be complimentary.

In order to achieve a true Mastermind experience, we are limiting the number to 15 primary attendees.  We keep these small, on purpose, to keep them intimate and promote conversation between both you and Oli. You'll have the opportunity to really dig deep on what's covered and it applies directly to your specific business or circumstance.

As an existing member, this event is complimentary however, we do require you to RSVP in advance to confirm your attendance. The RSVP information is posted in the private NextLevel Scale™ Facebook Group.

Please don't hesitate to reach out at hello@www.nextlevelbusiness.com

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