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You're listening to path to purchase a podcast for passionate and committed business owners and marketers, Oli Billson and Tom Breeze are here to give you the tools and knowledge you need to grow your business and take decisive action. Welcome to the episode.

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Hey everybody, it is Tom Breeze here. And with me, I have mr Oli Billson and welcome to another episode of path the purchase do you know what episode number this is, Oli or not? I have absolutely no idea we're, we're not double digits. Don't right now. Yeah, definitely. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Cool. So we have got an amazing episode for you today, Oli is going to be taking the reins on this one today. I'm going to be talking about SMS or I presume that means text messaging to customers or prospects or presume to get them to turn into customers or customers to turn to repeat customers. And today, Oli's going to nail this one because I am going into so much amazing information, I don't have a clue what Oli's gonna be talking about, but I'm going to be asking questions like the, the person that knows nothing.

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And I'm like, I am typically in most scenarios and, Oli is going to give me all the data and all the information that you missed, the listener and me, mr also listener in this scenario to go implement some of this information and use it in our businesses. So Oli, go for it far away. You're such a backseat driver. I don't, I would say that that's exactly what they say. But you say we'll trace the name of the podcast to breeze backseat driver. You know, I just want you to do the work. You do the work, see you later. I wouldn't be able to articulate all this information if it wasn't for such a proficient and experienced interviewer as you are and just get on with it. Man. That's so cool. So we're going to talk about this last now I have just had a crazy stent in America.

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And I was speaking at super conference and I've just arrived back from icon and, both the trips are great. But one of the trips I, put together a slightly left field presentation from what I usually talk about, which is about SMS and text marketing and mobile marketing. Three different ways to say it, I suppose and how virtually any business, whether you're a bricks and mortar business, information marketer, coach, trainer, consultant, author, speaker, or as some people say, industry, transformer, you know, any business industry transformer is that new thing? Well, you know, I don't think I made it up quite honestly. I'll just make it up there on the spot, the Palm person, just really not me. So the presentation, anyone, and now on this podcast, I, really why, why is this important? Like, let me address that, address this off the bat. So, some of you may have realized that, mobile phones and, in particular have, in recent years really outstripped really any, well not necessarily outstripped, purchasing of laptop computers or PCs but, everybody has a mobile phone these days and with that comes a, an opportunity, but, it's an opportunity that needs to be harnessed in the right way so repeat that amazing fact that you brought up that nearly everyone has a mobile phone these days. I think that's like groundbreaking. It's totally integral to this presentation, but I think if you haven't heard it before, you've heard it here first on this podcast after purchase that a lot of people have mobile phones. Yes. Oli Billson can we get, can we get like an Instagram image of that? But you know, quotes. Yeah. Would be nice to say. Listen, when I was thinking about that, I was thinking about something much bigger, something much more impactful that I was going to mention. And I ended up saying something really stupid, but no, I haven't picked up on that. So good. Hema with this comes the opportunity to connect with the device that are in people's pockets because that's where mobile phones live. Apparently Tom as you minds the table right now.

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But, just the ad stat sheet, mobile traffic surpassed desktop and tablet traffic, on YouTube very recently, a couple of months ago and also a sort of very interesting bit of information as well. I'm not going to remember exactly the stats, but there is information out there right now that says that a lot of the younger generation when their laptop stops working, they are not inclined to go and buy another one. It's just like, okay, do you know the mobile got good enough? So they stick with a mobile. They may also have a desktop at work, for example, the supply to them, but they don't go and buy another personal laptop, which I think is fascinating because when I was growing up, it was before laptops. And then when that sorts come out, it was like essential. You had to have one. It was about to do any work.

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And now they're facing out again. So it's amazing how technology moves so quickly, but you're right, everyone's got a mobile, everyone uses it extensively. It's not something we used to use every now and again. It's like you're constantly on it. And so it's very, very interesting so I was mocking you earlier, but I actually would like to take that back and say that you are taking us down a very interesting path here. Thank you. The pasta purchase. I appreciate that so a couple of things that we know about how, specifically how this kind of modality plays a part in marketing as know it.

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Text messaging is less intimidating to most people. That's a fact. I mean, you know, sometimes people don't really like speaking on the phone and so if you receive a text message, you know, it, it certainly isn't intimidating to reply back to that text message or to discount it, one way or another but there's one thing for sure, there's a lot less, emotional energy that's involved with texting as there is often with emailing, or you know, there is on a desktop experience, it feels that if you're on a desktop, you know, you've got this, especially if you're composing an email, it almost feels quite formal, and has a different feeling about it as opposed to, you know, simply texting some, something back, or receiving a text message. It's definitely a different feeling of course the way from a marketing standpoint and bringing it back to that.

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If you have some of these mobile telephone numbers, then you can text them, but also texting can often be the gateway to actually getting somebody on the telephone and having a conversation with them. Now, I'm going to talk a little bit about that as we go through this, which is the kind of the advent of this kind of this bridge, that we can create to begin to elicit a conversation via text message to begin with and then move those people then to a telephone call. Now in a lot of the presentations that I've been recently giving, often when I ask people, how many of you in your businesses require you to actually speak to somebody to actually move them either further down to making a buying decision or to make a buying decision? Most people put their hands up, yes, there are e-commerce type businesses out there and there are other businesses that don't require you to speak to somebody.

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But, as a, as we know it, I know people are becoming a lot more aware that even in eCommerce businesses they can reach out to prospects, not prospects, but actual customers, to delight them and, and a good way of starting that conversation can sometimes be with a text message and that really, really, it really becomes interesting when you bring this channel together with, with sales where marketing can meet sales and really create kind of a, a seamless transition where one, one began and the other one picks up from where it left off as it was. So, with, with, with, with mobile marketing, specifically with text marketing, then we've got a good opportunity of doing that. And so this has been talked about a lot recently in terms of metrics that go around thinking about this, that, I think recently a traffic and conversion, this was kind of a buzz thing where, you know, you'd think about a cost per lead and they're actually monitoring costs per conversation, which is interesting.

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Now they were talking about that in the medium of Facebook messenger ads and Facebook messenger as a whole and Manny chat and how all of that kind of plays a role with this. Wow. The box and stuff. Right? So what's that? That's what you talking about like Facebook messenger with the bots and things like that. Yeah, exactly. Now that's definitely going to become more prevalent and I think we'll probably talk about that certainly a little bit deeper in other episodes in, in, in this regard. It's exactly the same, really. How can you use tax marketing to, elicit a response and ultimately create a conversation? What is the cost of that conversation and so think of it this way, when you received a text message is we were just saying before, it is a very different feeling to when you get an email.

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Emails now are certainly for me anyway, becoming you know, not one quite say overwhelming, but we get countless emails a day trying to get our attention and every marketer, every business under the sun is reaching out through email and so we're in a competitive vacuum. We are trying to jockey for, people's attention and so when we can reach out to people in a different type of modality, be it tax marketing that text messages, then not only does that feel different to the person receiving it, but you're more likely to be able to then begin the conversation than you are whether somebody comes back and revise their email, for example and so the difference that I make between email marketing and text marketing is this, it's a bit like with, email marketing. You're trying to push people, you're trying to push people towards an offer that you've got the next step, the next milestone.

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And the next thing that they didn't need, the contingency and the funnel that you're trying to take them back to all of that complicated stuff with text marketing. It's really a case of calling them, using that as a way to pull people free rather than push people through and so really, it brings us back to the fact that, you know, we do more now based on relationships and than we've ever done with logic. So when you can nurture that, that, that relationship and more importantly when you can use different media to nurture that relationship, then it gives you the opportunity to create meaningful conversations that ultimately may lead to sales or keep customers. It may be more of a customer service type thing that you might be using it for so run me through an example. So like, because I often see, I see a presentation and at the end of it's often people say text this number now and we'll send you a copy of our slides or listen to some sort of freebie that they have available during that presentation. I see that quite a bit I don't see a huge number of promotions where it's like, leave your name, email and telephone number. Okay, cool. Well I don't, I don't see that many. Maybe that's the secret weapon we've got coming up here, but, yeah. Talk to me about like, what it would typically look like as a business owner. How would you set it up? How would you capture people's text messages, numbers? How would, what sort of texts would you send, I suppose it could be different for different businesses. Sure. But like could you give me an example what that would be kind of look?

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Sure. Well, I think it might surprise people that you can be capturing, capturing, meaning you're actually getting somebody's phone number, mobile phone number to begin a conversation with them in lots of different ways for example, these days there is a tap, to, tax function that can be built into virtually any website on a button. So actually when you go to a website, instead of there being a call to action button that says click to opt in or whatever the call to action is, when they tap that mainly because they're on a mobile phone, they can tap it and it immediately open their text message and pre-fill it with a keyword. Now that's quite interesting because now you're two taps away with a conversation. Whereas somebody opting into a form on a website, and don't get me wrong, this, this, this should be in support of a lot of those are the types of tactics out there.

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That's what I'm suggesting. But when you're giving people multiple ways to respond, that may work out better for you now if you know that all of your traffic is mobile coming to you, virtually all of it is why wouldn't you have a button, a tap to a text on your website? And the beauty is, is you can set context. You can set the context of the reason why they are, pressing that books are on your website. For example, if you were a SAS business, a software business, and you have a tap to tax and the text message keyword that they got was demo. You know, the context around that tap is that that person wants to have a conversation about setting up a demo for your software for example. Or maybe it's text to quote. So if you're on a, you know, your services business, bricks and mortar business, and you want to start a conversation around a quotation, then somebody could tap and it would pre-fill the keyword with quote and that would come into your system. And then you can immediately beginning having a two way text message conversation with them. Now we're talking about the software that we use to do this because you know, we can't just do this with, you know, average Joe technology we have to think about some affordable but, applicable to everybody, ways of doing this. And there's a couple of less.

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Can I just ask you a quick question before you go into the actual, the thing you use for it? So, if you're on somebody's websites, I can understand from mobile. So let's say for example, it comes to my mobile website, then you'd have to tap, presume that that literally is a tablet of finger. And it then just pre-fills the form you press send and then it kind of says quote, demo, whatever it is once a day I get that. Do you do that? Do you still do that from a desktop? So we do lights.

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Yeah, we conditionally serve that button up when we know what the traffic is that that's coming into us so, okay, interesting. So you can dynamically serve that up, without, you know, needing to worry about, you know that again, obviously if it's desktop traffic coming towards you and you've got a tap to, to talk, then that's going to be a little bit more, well you can't do it, you know, it's not going to bring up my message on your computer, or at least at the moment it doesn't so it depends upon the traffic that's coming towards us. We can dynamically serve up that person. But of course, sorry, go on. I was going to say that.

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I was going to say it's, it's, it's, as I said, such an entrepreneurial moment that you just said that it's like, it's not that they started like open up, I message on your pizza and I can almost see your head.

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Yeah, I should, yeah, sorry. Carry on for a moment. I mean the thing is we'd like capturing people's information and the context around that and it didn't like website's a bit more of an obscure thing. So we are kind of in the weeds a little bit about the application other things that weren't really well podcasts like we are here, I could say if you want to get the show notes, then text keyword to this number. I love that. And that's cool. So that's a good way of capturing and of course, what can happen from this and just to give people what the mechanism behind it, when you text them with that keyword, there is an automated conversation that begins, it will say, Hey, thanks for requesting the show notes. Then it would say, what's your name? My name's Tom. When you text back, it goes into infusion soft crates record with your phone number that you've already texted him from and add your first name to their contact records.

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So now I've got your phone number and I've got your name and that it'll say, Hey Tom, where do you want me to send you the slides? Which email is that? Cool. Now I've got through a series of messages and most people, I, I don't know the exact percentage, but I'm, I in my experience has like 95% of people fill out, you know, when that's going backwards and forwards, as long as it feels like more of a human conversation, you probably know it's no, but you just want the value that you've asked for really, you know then it's fine. Just, you've got all the information and now I've got your email, your name, and I've got your mobile phone number. So what more could I want to call? So like, okay, so here's a, here's an issue then. So like, I have just received my book, I'm going through the editing stage right now and they sent it back to me. I'm going to have a look at it when someone reads the book, I don't necessarily want them to be reading it. Let's say for example, it's the physical paperback book for example. I don't want them to necessarily go to their computer to go and download some additional notes or something like that so I could actually have in the text somewhere if you want to get the download to your phone of chapter five that supports what we're talking about here, click here or not click here texting this number, text this word to this number or something, those lines or if they're listening to an audio book, which I always do.

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And they always say, Oh, if you go and check out the resources on the computer or on like on WW dot thingy, I'll never do that. Cause it's like I'm not, I've not got act, I can't remember what they're saying. I can't act sick quickly. I've done go and do a Google. I just set up, set up a whole user profile and things, but if they were to just say texting this number, I would, I would do that which is this is amazing. So, I'm thinking about that now for the book, which is pretty cool.

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Yeah. The beauty is as well, and we see this in offline advertising all the time. In fact, text messages out, strips of vanity URL response mechanism and backing them, the phone mechanism on direct mail and display advertising and magazine advertising. Because guess what, like you said, people aren't in front of the goddamn computer when they wanted to respond. There's a concurrency between where they are, the context of where they are and the fact that they've got a mobile phone. That was a mobile phone case by the way. I buy it. I like it yeah. You know, if you, if you already didn't magazine and you see an advert that you want to respond to and if it's a lead generation app, we do this all the time for requesting for information packs, prospectuses, brochures, that type of thing. The chances are you're not next to your laptop and to go and key in a vanity URL, even if it's playing that simple is a pain and you've got to open up the browser to do this and you got your connection and all that sort of stuff. All of them. Yeah. I don't want to call them because then I know I'm going to have a sales conversation and this is the lead generation advert. So like I just want a low friction, easy way, quick way to respond. I'm just going to text the keyword and that's what I'm going to do and I'm right next to my mobile phone. I'm not next to my laptop. I'm not next am I, you know, anything else so much easier for me to do that. So, that's that. I mean, I'm just thinking about my book now, but like that's so cool. Yeah. Yeah. It just makes so much sense. It's like such a modern way of doing things like, like just saying, Oh, if you want to see the example of the video, just texting, right? ABC to one, two, three, four, five, whatever. It's going to be, but the fact that you can do that and then it can be sent to you to be like, here's the video and here's my notes around it, which you can always update, which is really nice as well so you can always like, Oh, to find out more about different videos. We're now testing. It's like, Hey, or something like that. It means that you've got this book that's got the foundation, but then it's got applications off the back of that through a text message. And I think that if I'm listening to audible on my phone or I can go and do that, or if I'm reading a book on the beach for example, well I'll get very bad reception, but I might get good phone reception. It's like all of that process is easy for me which I love. That's just, that's just so cool this is, is one of my favorite episodes now. Oli. Thank you. I'm glad.

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I'm glad the thing is, is it's a bit like, so I do this from stage to get to people to tax me for the slides from state. If I asked all of those people, can everybody just pull out their laptops? And what I want you to do is go and open your browser and go to this website and kinda crash the browser anyway. They, you that all the right information of what's up. The wifi is not working, you know, presentation now doesn't work. Yeah, exactly. So you know, this works really well. But here's the thing. So you mentioned this before and I just wanted to kind of go, well, you know, where's the application for this as well? Facebook lead ads, what do we know about Facebook lead outs? We know Facebook pre-fills the information inside a form inside the Facebook environment.

Speaker 2: (22:37)
It doesn't take you outside of the Facebook environment and the, the, the Champix are because of the security and privacy stuff. I do not purposely, but the security stuff, we, Facebook, Facebook has a lot of mobile phone numbers, so it will pre-fill mobile phone numbers. That's used to be on a landing page, something that you probably don't want to ask for because it's going to reduce your conversion. But Hey, here's the biggest thing that I would say and the mistake loads of people make, and it's the simplest thing that you know, even if you don't take away anything from the hours from this episode, please take this away. And that is this. When you start thinking about creating a marketing, a sales funnel, whatever it is, whether it's for, begin with the end in mind. Just like Stephen Covey said, the reason why is because guess what?

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If you need just like the my audience and probably a lot of people listening to this need to talk to somebody to make a sale at some point, all the first name and emails in the world are not going to help you. You actually need somebody's phone number. Now, it might be at some point in the dialogue, at some point in the future, you might need to get that or you want them to call you. But when you can get it so easily and so quickly in advance, knowing that you [inaudible] need to have a dialogue with them to follow up with them. Facebook lead ads offers a great opportunity for you to get that up front and what's best because we find that Facebook lead out still, although there's a desktop opportunity, work well on mobile. The congruent see between the response mechanism and the delivery mechanism is so tight that if they are already on their mobile phone and it's too text to get, sorry to say the opt in is to get a free video.

Speaker 2: (24:32)
I'm not going to send them an email without video. I'm going to send them a text message with the link to go and watch that video because they're already on their mobile phone. I'm not going to go and set them off and hopefully people opt in for stuff every day. Why? Why wouldn't I get all of their information? Sure. You use email as a backup plan or maybe do it simultaneously. But now what we find in lead ads is we'll say to them, do you want us to text you a link to this video? If it's a video, yes or no. If they say yes, we send them a link to it immediately. The open rate of that, of that text message is like, well, it's super high because of the wizardry of how we do it. We can even track that. They click, we can see how much of the video they watch, we can then even tax them again based on the fact that we know they're still on the mobile phone.

Speaker 2: (25:25)
When they watch the video to say tax back scale of one to 10, how interested are you based upon their response? Then we can then send them to a sales team, yada, yada, yada, yada, yada. So that is a good example of a track that traffic mechanism or a traffic source, and a mechanism to capture those information and a delivery mechanism that works very well with text messaging. Very cool. So let's go into the software then. What sort of software are you using for this? So we, we've, we like infusion soft as you know, and we use fix your funnel with infusion soft to be able to do this, very, very painlessly, very easily, works extremely well for us so I, I would highly endorse anybody that's, that's using infusion soft to use, fix your funnel if you will. Can you send it to send the text messages through infusion soft? It's a broadcast text message three, fix your funnel, but it's working with the contact information from infusion soft. God. Okay. So fix the funnel is sending the text please. It's bringing in the data through your software. Got it. Okay. And if you're not an infusion soft user, then you will want to consider their alternative platform called engage CRM. Now engage does similar, works off a very similar thing, but just as agnostic to platform, from, from that standpoint okay. So, so if you, so go from my perspective then, cause I've, I'm not using Infusionsoft, at the moment, coming away from it, just so you know, I know it can do amazing things, but just for our agents said anything what's the best fit for us at the time? But I mean, in terms of, if you don't have access to fix your funnel or infusion soft, is there a, a piece of software out there that does this? Is there a kind of like a way in which you integrate?

Speaker 2: (27:22)
We engaged. This is actually the one that you would recommend. Is that part of the infusion soft or is it that you said that per platform? It's actually made by funnel, but for people that don't have infusion soft. Oh, okay. I oversee. So it's part of fix your funnel, fix your funnel quickly, give you a ten second intro to fix your funnel. What's your funnel do? So fix your funnel is a third party platform that works with infusion soft, that allows you to do a number of things. One is to do SMS conversations, which we're talking about here. Automated SMS conversations. Tax conversations also allows you to have a dialer. Now a dialer means you could have a phone team where they, you know, they click the button and dial the person straight from infusion soft also allows you to have a dashboard where you can actually have two way conversations with text messages going backwards and forwards, all in a stream, very easily.

Speaker 2: (28:20)
You can do, really a whole heap of SMS based things with fix your funnel. You can do broadcast SMS, you can do MMS is which are multimedia. Grandma says I'm a multimedia text messages you can track numbers coming in and set lead sources and so you can have multiple numbers, multiple lead sources. There's lots of things you can do. Very good work and works internationally as well. Works internationally very well as well. Yeah, no, I should. Okay, cool. Interesting. Okay, so engage is the one that gays could be interesting for that. The other good APR is at work with other CRMs and things. Yes. There's an open API with it so you don't go. Cool. Yeah. Sorry, I'm getting very geeky for listeners. I apologize. I'm just trying to play this through to my business, which is kind of what we shot at the podcast in the first place.

Speaker 2: (29:09)
Like you and I just to help each other out, you're just getting a free ride I suppose. Yeah. Well one of the things, one of the things you might be interested in, I know that you're very aware of lead ads obviously, but one of the other things you might be interested in is a Google, thing called click to text message extension with Google AdWords. What this allows you to do is to essentially get a phone number and not just an email, just not just a website. There's it, you know, you're getting a phone number, like lead ads, a one tap with your, with a tap on the, on the ads will bring up your messaging app on your phone and pre fill it with a keyword that keywords can then automatically begin a text message conversation with you and exactly the same way as way.

Speaker 2: (30:04)
We just spoke about, so we just started using this in our business with Google ad words. So when, while our business, one of our businesses, requires to give quotes out to people. And so, they go to a local search, we Google ad words and they typed in window tinting, whichever area they are, and ad words, when they click the ad ad-words, pre-fills it with quote as the keyword. Now that gives us the context. So we know it's a quote, it comes into the picture for funnel and it says, so I can get you a quote. What's your name? Give you your name. So you text back your name. Great, thanks. Name what are you looking to get? Quite full. So again, we get to get that these all come into infusion soft. Then it says, perfect, I'll give you a call shortly.

Speaker 2: (30:52)
What's the best time of day? And then they text back. Now we've got all of that rich information to be able to then begin calling them straight from a Google outwards, expanded school, a school automated for you as well. That's all automated. Yeah, it's really good in it. That's really, really good. So one of the, one of the other things that you can do, which is really neat as well, is you can actually attach it V cards, your V card to a text message. Now you might wonder why, why the hell would it do that? Well, when they initially text, then you can say, here's my details. Save them to your phone. Now the reason why you want to do that is because now you're essentially inside their phone. So if a year down the line we're not physically, you physically aren't inside the phone.

Speaker 2: (31:40)
Clarify that. Right. And all sorts of havoc inside that phone. Well not just the phone for you as well. I think there's a few problems going on from post tries the things. Oh yeah, for sure. Yeah. But a year down the line, if you tax them and they're like, who the hell is this guy? Like I've got his details some stage. I've got my podcast, I've got it from a direct mail piece that will say, it will tell you that person's name. So it will have my details in their phone. But here's the thing. Exactly. The neat thing is as well with a V card you can put landing pages inside your contacts. So now and also if I'm like I'm a bricks and mortar type person and I've got multiple locations, I can put my locations all in my V card as well. Nice. Okay. There's a lot of things that I can do as a result of that, to, you know, to, to, to make text messaging work for major traffic standpoint and when I do that then I can get into that. I put it with having a V card attached to that so they can keep my, yeah, my details on that phone which works well. And what's the nearest thing you did? You know, if I said to you, Hey, I need a, I need a plumber, the first thing you do is go to your phone to find yes. To share it. So it's a perfect referral tool from that perspective as well. Very cool. The, so if we were to summarize them, cause I'm just trying to think of like for the, for the viewers, I know how I'm going to start using it, but for the viewers, I'm sure that everyone's got lots of different ideas. I think the first thing to start off with is kind of like what points of my business would it be easier to allow someone to go into their phone and ask for more information than it is to go online?

Speaker 3: (33:29)
Cause I think a lot of the time people were thinking digital marketing, online marketing, they're already online. That's just not true typically the actually not online at that moment where they're still engaging with you as a business presentations, books, kind of multiple scenarios where a text message would be easier for some of the day cause their phones on them constantly. So there's a sense of ease with the whole process for the, for the user, which I love and then from that, like if you can identify all those moments where that happens on the mobile version of your website, for example, there's a tap to designing us. Great. All of that can be built and done. Once you identify what those moments are with the fix your funnel. If you don't have any, integrates with infusion soft, if it's not infusion soft that you use, you can use engage, which is part of fix your funnels, different platform.

Speaker 3: (34:15)
I haven't looked at it just yet, so that's my taking of it so far so you can build all that stuff and as a result, then you can look at this other way of generating leads. Have a much better communication up front. You can get inside their phone, not physically, but metaphorically. And then you can actually have your details stored there. So when anytime they kind of like getting a text message from you actually says from you and not from this random speil of numbers, may I love this. This is really cool. This is like, because I think that it allows this, there's one caveat to all of this. I think that in the end of marketers will ruin this but I, I love the fact that right now it's the perfect thing to have cause it can be very dumb very personally.

Speaker 3: (34:55)
I think in a couple of years time if everyone's like latching onto it and start using it like email marketing, everyone's going to avoid a text messages on that phone that's about would be the next conversation to have but I love it right now. I think that's a great way of building relationships and it is not, as long as you are from the fact that it's automated and it's not a real person texting until the point where it is. Say for example, got a dashboard and you actually all text and that's completely different. But I love the idea of like someone goes online, says, yes, I'm looking for a quote, here's my name, here's my, other information that you need to understand what that quote needs to be about. That just makes so much sense. And to capture all that information and record all that information and begin that relationship in that way. There's a slicker process than having to, if you're on your mobile, click for the website, find the option box, click it and kind of, you know, it never works properly anyway. So then you've got to like fill in your email address and you've got to press submit. That's the tough, real slow, difficult process. So I love that about it. It's just tapping in. You go in and you're off. It's the same thing with ads. You know the lead ads, it's two taps and you've got their phone number, their email I mean that's, that's a Facebook mechanism, but you're leveraging text as a, as a, you know, is the delivery mechanism. And the other thing is here, which is really comes out of the idea of not just automating this but using it as a conversation tool as you just mentioned, is this notion of we call them conversation starters.

Speaker 2: (36:21)
Really what happens is, is in a funnel where we've been able to capture their mobile phone number of front light, we said, we'll begin with the end in mind. We need to actually speak to them. We don't want to speak to everybody. Like, I'm not going to be doing cold calls out to everybody. You know, I get phone calls for, they're just not qualified. But what's interesting is when I can have a conversation starter that begins to warm somebody up, I can say something like, you know, Hey, I know that she downloaded the, or you watched the video, did you have any questions, question Mark? It's an open ended question that allows us then to think about, okay, when I now get that conversation back, now I'm actually in dialogue with this person, right? I got something back from them now I can move them towards slowly to where I want them to be.

Speaker 2: (37:15)
And so, you know, this has worked very well. Famously, I would say four for one of your clients Frank Kern and, and there's been kind of like pop polarized for post webinar follow up. And he literally, he automates the initial conversation starter, which is, Hey, I notice you're on the webinar. What did you think of the concept? Now he knows that they haven't bowl, but they knows he was on the webinar. Right? So that's an engagement star. It's, it's, it's getting somebody to engage with you by saying, what did you think of the concept? Cool. Now maybe they got a little bit further in the webinar. You could say something like, Hey, it's Elsa from Ollie's office or whoever it is from Frank Ken's office. I don't know all lay or Frank, July the way that I'm just anchoring myself. Hey, it's a to Frank.

Speaker 2: (38:15)
Anyway I'll wait. I'll, I'll let you put together a special bonus for, for people would you like me to tell you more about it? So again, that's a conversation starter that when they come back to that say if they just say came back and said yes, I would like to know more about it. You can say, great, do you want to schedule a call and we can jump on the phone or by the way, here's a free video, go and check it out or whatever. And so it's a really nice way of being able to do that. And I, I'm not going to claim the, the origin of doing this. I've been doing this for some time I think that Frank actually had been saying that he seen anything between 25 to 50% in additional sales post webinar as a result of using this tactic, which for him of course is the difference of, you know, a million or so dollars more in sales. So it, it, it can be significant. So when you get round to thinking about, no, now I've got that details because I began with the end in mind. I know that I can begin this conversation through that modalities. Exceptionally powerful.

Speaker 3: (39:37)
Very cool, Oli. And as always, very insightful, very informative and very rich with your content as well. So thank you very much. I'm going to be using this stuff in the book for sure. So it just makes a lot of sense. And then, yeah, that'd be very, very, very, very effective for my listeners and my readers of the upcoming book, which I just want to plug in very quickly I have an upcoming book coming out. I couldn't identify enough to this, I want to say this, that 20 more times in different episodes, for three and a half lessons

Speaker 2: (40:10)
specifically going to talk about the path to purchase. Tom.

Speaker 3: (40:15)
Well I'm gonna have to have a text message for that for sure do you know, I'm not sure if it does or not. I have to read it so I've, I've done the, the ghostwriting process, and they've written that and it looks really good so far, so very, very happy with the whole process. But yeah, I've done it with book in a box.com if you haven't, don't know about them, check it out. That friggin amazing actually, to be honest, I've done it with another service provider before and they mucked it up completely so I went with this company this time. They've absolutely nailed it so far, so very happy with the whole team and they should have the my book in early August of this time. So, that'll be very exciting. And then [inaudible] some sort of campaign together to sell the damn thing as well as, start getting a campaign built.

Speaker 3: (40:57)
But yeah, we're still, I mean an hour in the title so that will be coming out soon and as soon as we know what it is, it's ready to go. So they're excited. But I'll be sure to let listeners know where they can go and buy it when that time comes. And maybe Oli wish to do a text message process to see if we can get that filled out as well. That'd be very exciting. But then we should also do this to this podcast, I think as well. Show notes, Texas number for the shows or something that we do already thank you very much, guys for listening and speak to you very soon. Yes.

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