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You're listening to path to purchase a podcast for passionate and committed business owners and marketers, Oli Billson and Tom breeze are here to give you the tools and knowledge you need to grow your business and take decisive action. Welcome to the episode.

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Hey, Hey, how you doing? It's Oli Bilson and I'm here with mr Tom breeze on brace Tom and there's been a lot of talk about survey funnels we've been using survey funnels for quite some time actually with, with, with good success, in, in a number of different markets. And, I know that you've got some pretty, a pretty cool example that you want to share with us today so why don't we just dive straight into that I know that for some people we'll be able to possibly see the example that we're showing if they're on video, if they're on the blog if not, then, we'll do our best to walk you through it. Of course. Describe it. Yeah. Yeah. Cool. Well, I actually the, this is something I thought would be useful for anybody to give a bit of context. This is an ask by Ryan, the BEC, his, his book, this is an audio book, but his book is very, very good and the audiobook is equally as good I listened to a lot of audio books and yeah, I'd built my funnel first, my survey funnel first and then I listened to the book and I said, damn, that shit on the other way around. But it's still, it still works really well so just a bit of context. I mean, Ali, you should really be talking about this, but survey funnels basically asks questions of people so that you can segment as well as well as followup in a really elegant ways. You know, you're talking to your prospects in a, in a really elegant way and everyone loves a survey.

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If they find out more information that's useful to them as opposed to just here's free information for everybody. It's more like, here's some bespoke content specifically for you. I'm on viewability.co. Dot. UK. On my agency sites, we have a is video advertising right for you. And it's just like six questions. And then based on those questions, there's like 16 different permutations of results and it means that we can send them a report that tells them whether YouTube when be right for them with the Facebook's gonna be right for them, or whether some more advanced like remarketing, stroke, a Google stuff is right for them as well. So it just gives them a bit of context. It's really a bespoke for their business. And then from there we can follow up because we know we've tagged them based on their answers. And so we know, okay, these people could be really good for YouTube as well as they really want to do this, that, and the other.

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So you can gain people's wants and desires as well as their struggles as well as what they want to go and do. And, I know from, from the industry more than anything else there's a particular survey that is just, I think, super simple but incredibly powerful and it's, I mean it's, other, in fact, let me just bring it up, because I'll discuss it as well. But if you wanted to find out more information, not that I'm affiliated with this person at all in any way but, it's a website called, my dot keynote body.com and Keno is KI N. O. B. O. D Y. I will kinobody.com and so you actually get the right URL. The one I'm on right now is, four slash pages four slash survey. So it's my doc, you know, body.com, forward slash pages four slash survey.

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That's the page I'm on right now. And this page here, can you see it all just, okay, cool. It really simple questions that they're asking of you. And so you get here, it says, let me show you how to build the body you want based on where you are right now to begin select. Are you man or woman? Now, that's a great first question because it's insightful for this guy who's going to be potentially training you anyway but it's a really easy one to get started. So whenever there's an easy question to get started, you're in, you're committed, could easily answer that first one, as soon as you started. And so they, it's very like very unlikely for you to disappear for any reason apart from you get interrupted. So also like, man for now, then it asked you the next question is, again, it's just like big buttons that you can press, but it's, age says what is your age range? And it says teens, 20s, 30s, forties, 50s, 60s. Again, really, really simple question. But the really nice thing about that is that it's for us as the people that are going through the service really easy for us to answer. So, I'll put 20s cause that's what I'm in. I'm joking. Thirties.

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And then it says which best describes where you're currently at. And I mean, bear in mind we're going through this because he's a fitness trainer and he's got some very cool stuff here and he's got four different sentences, describe how you might feel about how you look. So it says, the first one is how I have low levels of body fat. I can see my abs, I want to build more muscle to look fantastic next one is unskinny fat. I look skinny and definitely need more muscle or, but I still have fat covering my abs and as to others as well, like, just so it kind of like it describes your body and how it looks basically according to you, the user. So you're kind of saying what you think of yourself. Let me say I'm going to be skinny fat, this environment for this scenario.

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Now of course I'm ripped as anything. All they as you know, so this is me being fake. And, but then the fourth question is an AOB answer. So it says you chose skinny fat, you look skinny and definitely need more muscle but still have fat covering your amps. Your main goal is, and it says, my main goal is definition, or my main goal is muscle growth. Which one do I want? Do I want some like cut down or do I want to build more muscle? And so I'm basically telling this survey what I would prefer to build muscle, let's say in this scenario and then I have to fill in my email for the results. So I've come this far and I'm like, okay, now I want to know what the followup is. So let me just do that right now I'll just stick in one.

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Sometimes you get your results now and then what happens is it basically instantly, it doesn't say as we're sending with video or anything, I just instantly bring, brings me through to, based on your answers to your survey, to our survey, here's what we would recommend to build muscle was slowly dropping body fat and maybe the title of it is like, well that sounds like me. That's what I want. And as a six and a half minute video of this guy holding his video and just talking one to one with you because he knows exactly who you are in terms of your gender and your age, he knows where you're currently at. What you want to achieve and it's as simple as that. So he just knows that about you. Now he must create maybe, probably there's probably about 20 to 30 different videos he will create off the back of this.

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But this video here basically just talks directly to me knowing everything about me or knowing everything that I want. And it's a very, very clever survey. But then off the back of it, it's just like now go and blow a program, but you just talk to me for six minutes selling his program. But just really speaking to me in a way that kind of like resonates with me at this stage. And I just think in terms of there's so many people that doing these like clever funnels and kind of like big product launches and all sort of stuff that's very difficult to put together. For me, I feel like I would easily send traffic to a survey any day because they convert really well to the claim and especially if there's a good survey and it's short and it's easy. But the great thing is is that you're going through this an immediate, you're getting a video from this business owner who is talking complete sense to you, speaking exactly the way you want to be spoken to with the product that's designed for me.

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I might, what I'll be in this, as long as it's a good price, I'll be, it's a no brainer for me and I feel like there's no kind of like heavy email, I'm sorry, ebook or webinar or anything like that. I'm straight in, I'm getting someone speaking to me in the way that I want to be spoken to and he's got the perfect product for me and I just looked at it and I thought this was crazy, like amazing, really, really clever funnel. And then you can just create loads of ads and just keep on sending people through. The survey is going to segment me probably here now is probably going to have me buckets it into different lists on in a CRM and sort of follow up with really good emails as well but I just thought in terms of this as a funnel, anyone could replicate this.

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It's not a difficult thing to do. It's just a series of different pages. Like if they click this one, they go to this page and we know this about them. If they go here, they go here. Nothing really too clever about it but I know that in a previous podcast we talked about just send the damn email, that nine word email that we talked and this to me is again, that simplicity of like, it's just asking a few questions and then talking their language. And I just thought I'd bring it up because I just thought it was a really, really clever way of capturing leads but also then making that first sale really quickly. And I wondered what you would have to say Orleans input you would have as well.

Speaker 2: (09:14)
Yeah, definitely. I mean, surveys are so effective. In fact, it's not even wifing just stating the obvious for anybody that has a run them and knows how effective they, they, they are for me where we really can get a lot of, you know, additional conversion from a funnel that's already working, or to do very effective and targeted houseless promotions, to your existing list we're able to do a deep dive survey, to reveal, really what their main problems are and that can enable a stand to really start to understand the sorts of profiles of the people that are on the, on the existing list and the issues that they've got that they'd like to try and overcome. And that can then allow us to move and pivot our copy, our offers, our Hawks, everything that we do towards the majority of those problems.

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I mean, ultimately we're here to serve, you know, solve problems and in other regards, you know, simple in terms of simple things that people can do. Just sometimes by asking one question as part of an opt in on a form can enable you to profile people effectively. I think in a, in a, in a, in a very old podcast that we did, which will be worth going back to probably probably podcast two or three, I'm not sure we spoke about, you know, actually asking a question, on an optin, which just put them in a bucket, you know, well, part time, full time or as a bulk time if they were looking for a business opportunity to say, and that everybody who was in one particular book you're going gonna speak very differently, you're going to present a different headline like this, this guy is here, I'm over what they've already told you.

Speaker 2: (11:14)
There's assumptions that you're going to make. There's different benefits, there's different features. There's also different social proof and different testimonials that go to support people just like him you know, just like that, just like you, sorry, that, that are in the same category or looking to achieve, that particular, desired end result. So, and there's so much value to that and, and it really does allow you to shape things very effectively and also in, in markets where, you know, it could be difficult to pin down, you know, certain subcultures or certain niches or certain avatars really, or labels that open that up rarely to really understand, what, where, where people are coming from and what they're looking for because you know, they, they, they alignment of the followup, to, to the market, the message to market match can be so tight that you can't help increase conversions. You know, it's the, the, the ultimate way of, of, of, of personalizing and customizing your followup.

Speaker 3: (12:40)
Oh yeah, exactly. I completely agree. I think that like the, this, I went through this, because it was, it was more of a, someone said, this funnel's converting ridiculously well. Go and check it out and what's going to check it out. And, I was so close to buying the product, I did in the end because I have no interest in buying a product like this, but I'll just like, just the marketing. So good. And, I was listening to what he was saying and it was just like, yeah, that sounds exactly like me. If I did want to all of a sudden be rips and stuff, that would be something that would definitely go here. Now germane. And it was like he had a different way of doing things. But I just think that any business owner who's listening to this podcast right now, I would really think about the questions you need to ask your, like your website traffic.

Speaker 3: (13:28)
I like your potential customers that you can give them very easy yes or no answers or category like one of four answers that just like, I'm going to click that one cause that sounds just like me, that one and just know what answers you need in order to follow up in a really elegant bespoke way, with the offer that is relevant for them. So like if I've gone, if I've gone through this, program and, or the survey funnel and put female, the much older age and my condition is like, kind of like very obese for example, I know he would be selling me a different product. And that's what's really clever about this. It's probably a very, come from a very similar place. But for him it's like, look, I know how to work with lots of different types of people, get the results they want, but it's what I love about it is that it's kind of like all of us become very bespoke.

Speaker 3: (14:20)
It's not like, here's my program on my website. Come and buy it. He's like, no, let me find out a little bit more from you first and I'll let you know what's right for you. And I just think like, wow, like it's, it's a very, very clever way. Most people don't do it this way. Most people have their one thing, they say, I can sell this, but this guys I think like really, really clever, not, I've often thought like this is a very elegant way of doing this, but it doesn't mean that you've got to create lots of products to really resonate with the people that are coming through that survey funnel probably not so, but also, even if even if, so this is sort of thing where you can turn on the ads and you can just let it run. Because if you can make this work more from a cost of a cost effective manner and getting a better ROI, you've got a system now in place, it's automatic. That means you can just keep on running ads and will outperform your competition because you're able to be bespoke to your customers and you're not trying to flog something. You're listening to your audience first. And then providing them something that's gonna be useful to them whole system is just so clever.

Speaker 2: (15:23)
Yeah, it is it, and it's marketing what I want in a way, you know, it's give people what they want and then sell it. Sorry, sell them what they want and give them what they need. Sell, sell them what they want and give them what they need and you know, some people might be thinking to themselves, damn, you know, if I've got a, you know, suddenly start creating you, I've got to start changing my business. I've got to start selling different services. I've got to be providing different things depending on who you talk to, business, you know, the truth is, is that your solution is probably what they, they need, but they're going to buy what they want, you know, and the, you know, so, so, so really suck congruence when you, you know, you're making your offers, when you, you, you, your addressing people in your emails, in your followup.

Speaker 2: (16:29)
And in this case as a, as a, as a, as an example, as a result of going through the survey process that just, you know, kind of pressure is up like, Oh yeah, yeah. And you know that you've just told him, but he's prescribing the exact thing that you, Nate, well that you want, you know, you're saying what you want. See, I think within the ask book, I think Ryan says this very well is the people don't know people, you know, know what they don't want. So, you know, they know what they don't want but it, so really it's a, it's a, it's a case of leading with that question leading with, you know, the, the, the, the ask method, really that, that, that, that Ryan's popularized, you know, very successfully and, and, and, you know, it's a great book and, and this has, this really has, you know, lots of, flexibility in terms of running traffic to it, cold running traffic to it cold.

Speaker 2: (17:47)
Great. To be able find out more information about your list. There's different things that, that, that work well with that it can be positioned as a survey. It can be positioned as a quiz you know, we, we did one in the weight loss market, which was, kind of, you know, discover how you can, you know, take the, the fat, you know, access stomach fat basically, and you know, take the survey and they would go and complete that day details and you know, gratefully captured new things as well. You know, when you go through that process of committing those micro commitments, to put your information and provide the information, provide your details, provide what you do want, you know, they know what they want, but you know, they don't. So it's a case then of, you know, that, that that prescription at the end is just over the view of the site as long as you provide your data.

Speaker 2: (18:54)
So it's no doubt that conversions, you know, I've heard of people getting, you know, opt-in rights on their, on their surveys as high as 60 odd percent, you know, even more because, you know, they, they, they, those, those micro commitments towards, finding the result is, you know, is a, is a win. Rarely, so gratefully generation. And it's a great example. Another one that I'd endorse people to go and look at is fuzzy yellow balls I think is the, the right, the right terminology. Those guys are awesome. I think it's called revolution golf or golf revelation. I can't remember which way it's fine, but it's worth having a look at both those both when great, survey funnels as well. And also great examples of surveys. So reshaped sharing that Tom. And that's a good thing. Was there anything else that you wanted to add before we head off for this survey?

Speaker 3: (19:52)
No, I think the only final thing that a lot of people probably think about is like, Oh, well surely this takes a lot of software to do this and it really doesn't, it's just a case of several web pages. That's all it is. It's like spider diagram diagram out, know what the permutations are and then say, right, well we've got 12 potential people here. One's going to be male, this sort of age group with this certain condition, this certain goal they want to have in mind. It's like right now you've got 12 different videos. She's a crate. It's not, I just need it to be a video. That could be a report. That's what I've got a report. But I know I wanted to do a video. It's just when I was building it, we had 12 different ones and I, it's quite a lot to talk about so it made more sense for me to do it via report.

Speaker 3: (20:33)
But I know I'm upgrading it to so though I can follow my video but it's just such an effective way. And I've seen a lot of Legion businesses try different things and say, Oh, that's amazing ebook. It's like maybe it's amazing to you and a small of people that you're looking to attract, but it's, I mean, more people out there that wouldn't necessarily consider that the most valuable thing you've got right now. But if you do a survey, you can give them exactly what they want and then obviously your first product is going to be much easier to sell. You can give them what they need at that stage and then upsell them to your major products after that. And it's just a really, a bit of work, but probably one of the most effective lead generation and follow up systems I've seen for many, many years. And I think that that is a, endorsement in itself, but also a call to action to say, go and do this cause it already will work for you.

Speaker 2: (21:23)
Yeah. And no, it definitely, I would say in terms of, in terms of software, in terms of forms, you know, there's lots of ways as the, the, the flow sort of survey, the folks survey, which is where you're not actually capturing this information to segment. You're just using it as a ploy. You rarely get people to get those micro commitments to get an opt in to get a lead which is one thing this is a slightly different example where you want to be, you know, pulling all that information in all that, that profile information to be able to adapt and change your follow up if you're doing that, lead quizzes is a great software to do that they also, people can do to, so they've got a WordPress site, they can do it with gravity forms. Also a very, very good plugin for WordPress. Craig's forms integrates with infusion soft for free, works extremely well. And if you're doing like a deep dive survey, you know, something just like survey monkey is absolutely fine. Export all the, all the details out into exile and, and get amongst that so that you can start tailoring your messages and really start to understand the profile of the people on your database.

Speaker 3: (22:38)
Cool, cool. Cool. Yeah, very cool yeah, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Let hard to think that it's something that everyone should go and implement. Awesome. Thanks mate. I would speak to you saying she has no.

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